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Shayn. 21. Pierced & Tatted.Bay area CA

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Anonymous asked: Anything you wanna tell me ~ or ask me. I cant sleep and its almost 4 by me.


Who are you? How old are you? Why did you follow me?

Anonymous asked: Heheh, its alright. So tell me something.


Hm, what would you like to know?

Anonymous asked: No like this bby, Send me a kink and I’ll rate it daddiescanadianprincess: dirty-middle-aged-man: no | rather not | I dunno | I guess | sure | yes | FUCK yes | oh god you don’t even know OK, why not


Oh well then xD I messed up

Anonymous asked: Youre supposed to rate the kinks with the thingy thing :p sorry im spamming you with anons, im bored and youre on.


Lol I’m bored too 10 10 10

Anonymous asked: What is your type?


"I need a girl who I can proudly call mine. Someone who’ll treat me right, and not judge me for my past. Someone I can buy flowers for and take on dates. Someone who’ll give me a different outlook on life. Someone to cuddle with when the nights are cold and to be their crying shoulder. Someone who makes me feel wanted and can make me laugh until I’m crying. I need a girl that’ll let me love her. Because when I love, I love with all I’ve got"

Anonymous asked: Biting? Bondage? For the kink thing. My kinks are a little extreme?? I like bondage and piercing. I just love needles now. Its a huge reason i can donate blood


I love all of the above. I also LOVE needles and it scares people. I’ve always looked forward to shots and getting my blood drawn. I like sharp objects.

Anonymous asked: Bby never get into a screaming match with a girl who does theater, i used to love heavy metal music enough to scream and it helped with breathing for opera. Just gotta do it right


I love theater chicks. Trust me. Very impressive dear.

I know this girl and all of her friends that I know have a crush on me.

And it’s weird because 1) what am I doing?

2) They aren’t my type

3) Those girls are friends of my friend (this sounds complicated)

And she doesn’t even know -_- and I feel like it would be awkward if I said something.

pennyroyalpissings asked: hi /.\ i think it's really cute that you have a stuffie c:


Thank you very much :) I’m glad someone appreciates a dom with a stuffie child ;3 

I’m a single father haha

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